HPLC Column | Agilent HC-C18(2) Small Molecule Separations LC Column

Agilent HC-C18(2) columns are an excellent choice for separations of many types of compounds.

Agilent HC-C18(2) is a more retentive C18 with a higher carbon load. An excellent value alternative to other high carbon load columns, it also provides superior peak shape for basic compounds.

Features Of Agilent HC-C18(2) Small Molecule Separations LC Column:

  • Higher carbon load - 17% - provides greater retention for moderately polar and non-polar compounds
  • Ideal for non-polar compounds and separations that start at mid-level % organic (at least greater than 10% organic)
  • Good choice for industrial samples or samples dissolved in organic/mostly organic solvents
  • Stable over a very wide pH range (2-9) for maximum flexibility
  • To compare technical information and specifications for different phases, see our phase specifications chart.