HPLC Column | Agilent MicroBore Small Molecule Separations LC Column

MicroBore (1 mm id) columns are a good choice when sample sizes are limited. They will improve detection limits 5 times over 2.1 mm id columns when the same sample mass is used. This increase in sensitivity can be critical. MicroBore columns use low flow rates (typically ~50 µL/min). Therefore, these columns are ideal for use with detectors requiring low flow ratessuch as some mass spectrometers. MicroBore columns perform optimally with HPLC systems purchased or modified for microbore use. Guard columns are now available with an adjustable tube stop depth to provide a perfect zero dead volume connection every time.

Features Of Agilent MicroBore Small Molecule Separations LC Column:

  • High sensitivity for small sample sizes
  • Compatible with LC/MS interfaces
  • Wide variety of bonded phases
  • Guard columns available for MicroBore (1.0mm id) and Capillary columns