HPLC Column | Agilent LiChrospher Small Molecule Separations LC Column

Agilent LiChrospher silica columns are made with spherical, 'sil' type porous silica particles. LiChrospher 60 RP-select B starts with 60Å pore size silica optimized for symmetrical peak shapes of basic compounds. LiChrospher 100Å is offered in both C8 and C18 as well as an endcapped C18. These columns are noted for high sample capacity and efficiency. The popular LiChrospher packings are offered in the convenient and economical Agilent cartridge configuration. For normal phase chromatography, Agilent supplies polar modified silica gel phases LiChrospher Si, LiChrospher NH2 , LiChrospher DIOL and LiChrospher CN as convenient cartridge columns.

Features Of Agilent LiChrospher Small Molecule Separations LC Column:

  • Available in 5 µm particle size
  • Reversed-phase available in RP-C18, RP-18 Encapped, RP-8, RP-Select B, CN
  • Normal-phase available in CN, Diol, NH2, Si
  • Applications—Pharmaceuticals, aromatics
  • LiChrospher RP-18—Spherical silica for acidic, neutral and basic compounds with great batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • LiChrospher CN—Polar modified silica gel phases > polar and hydrophobic properties; also used in normal-phase chromatography.